Class: Monogram

In this class we used Adobe Illustrator to design various ways in which to stylise our initials, we then had to use them to create personal monograms. We first made preliminary sketches and thumbnails before moving to Illustrator to try and render them. I had, personally, a lot of fun with this exorcise, we were given a lot of freedom and a lot of time in which to become comfortable with the various tools and methods in Illustrator which, I think, helped a lot when it came to working on assignments.

monogram 2

fig. 2

monogram 4

fig. 1

Figure 1 was my first attempt at this type of design, it looks more like a beetle than the final version, the featured image, and was far messier. There are unintentional blanks spaces and unparalleled lines are all over, but it did help me to learn the best way to position the singular monograms to make up the final version, which is far tidier.

My favourite design is the top left in figure 2. I mostly just mirrored and resized to get the final, but I like the style of the lettering and the purple accent.


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