Class: Logo Design

For our final class assignment we were given the option to either design a logo for a youth centred cafe, The Cosmic Cafe, or redesign an existing logo. I chose to try and come up with a design for the Cosmic Cafe. I chose the microphone as the foundation as the cafe was described as ‘open mic’ and this is to represent that, the moon is in reference to the name ‘Cosmic’ and I chose the font based on the fact that it was simple but still stylised and clean looking.

logo 1

This was my first attempt, I liked the simplification of the microphone but there was too much colour and overlapping in the background, the font didn’t stand out enough and the overall look was quite anaemic, the colours looking washed out and pale.

I finalised the design of the microphone + moon + planet and then experimented with colours and different shapes for the background before deciding on the rectangular off white background and original colour scheme. The final image is used as the featured image in this post.logo 2logo 3


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