• Some company logos remain virtually unchanged  for decades while other organizations change their branding on a regular basis. What factors are involved in the longevity or otherwise of a logo design.

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Class: Logo Design

For our final class assignment we were given the option to either design a logo for a youth centred cafe, The Cosmic Cafe, or redesign an existing logo. I chose to try and come up with a design for the Cosmic Cafe. I chose the microphone as the foundation as the cafe was described as ‘open mic’ and this is to represent that, the moon is in reference to the name ‘Cosmic’ and I chose the font based on the fact that it was simple but still stylised and clean looking.

logo 1

This was my first attempt, I liked the simplification of the microphone but there was too much colour and overlapping in the background, the font didn’t stand out enough and the overall look was quite anaemic, the colours looking washed out and pale.

I finalised the design of the microphone + moon + planet and then experimented with colours and different shapes for the background before deciding on the rectangular off white background and original colour scheme. The final image is used as the featured image in this post.logo 2logo 3

Class: Rebus

In this class we were instructed to create multiple rebus’ using Adobe Illustrator. (a rebus is a puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters) to do this we generally placed found images and then applying effects etc to them. Rebus need to be simple and clear, as misinterpretation is very easy. They should be as basic as possible.


                             alley + gate + R

face + boook

                             face + boook

I liked to use “shades of gray” on the images I used as black & white looks simple and clear. I find the lack of colour makes it less distracting, mainly though, it’s just a personal aesthetic preference.

Class: Monogram

In this class we used Adobe Illustrator to design various ways in which to stylise our initials, we then had to use them to create personal monograms. We first made preliminary sketches and thumbnails before moving to Illustrator to try and render them. I had, personally, a lot of fun with this exorcise, we were given a lot of freedom and a lot of time in which to become comfortable with the various tools and methods in Illustrator which, I think, helped a lot when it came to working on assignments.

monogram 2

fig. 2

monogram 4

fig. 1

Figure 1 was my first attempt at this type of design, it looks more like a beetle than the final version, the featured image, and was far messier. There are unintentional blanks spaces and unparalleled lines are all over, but it did help me to learn the best way to position the singular monograms to make up the final version, which is far tidier.

My favourite design is the top left in figure 2. I mostly just mirrored and resized to get the final, but I like the style of the lettering and the purple accent.

Class: Colour Theory

In design studies class we learned that there are three basic categories of colour theory; the colour wheel, colour harmony, and the context of how colours are used. We used Adobe Illustrator to play around with colour, noting the different perceptions of size a certain background colour can provide, learning the difference between, shade, tone and tint.

We studied colour wheels and recreated our own from found materials. This helped us gain a better understanding of which colours do and do not compliment each other, we also learned more about the more suitable colours for certain subjects or which colours to use to communicate certain moods and feelings. We learned what certain colours are commonly associated with eg. blue with cold and red with heat.


colour 3

shade, tint & tone

coulor 2

same stroke, different colours.